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Ingrid Montes

Candidate Director-at-Large, 2016-2018

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I want to begin by emphasizing how privileged and honored I am to be considered for a second term as a member of the ACS Board of Directors. My first term has been amazingly full of challenges and enriching experiences. I learned to become an integral part of a hard working team.  I am proud to be part of the current Board because we effectively make use of the diversity around the table through respectful discussions and data driven decision-making.  We are working together for the Society and our membership.

In our recent past, the world has faced many challenges, including a significant economic crisis. As a consequence other challenges have surfaced including unemployment/under employment, reductions in federal funding, changes in the global enterprise, and environmental concerns to mention a few. According to Einstein “The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress. Creativity is born from the distress, as the day is born from the dark night.” ACS is committed and is working hard to bring progress and strengthen the excellence of our profession in time of crisis. The four strategic planning goals are areas full of opportunities and if re-elected, I pledge to continue to support and work tirelessly on these critical strategic objectives.

Provide information-CAS and Publications must maintain the highest quality of ACS journals and services while developing strategies to deal with issues associated with an open access platform.  ACS will continue to provide our authors innovative options, including new journals, to showcase their work.

Advance member careers-by enriching services to members. Through ACS Career Navigator and webinars, ACS is seeking new and more comprehensive opportunities to increase the competitiveness of our members in the chemical enterprise.

Improve education-ACS will continue to set the bar for quality and excellence in chemistry and science education. The establishment of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers, the revision of the ACS guidelines by the Committee on Professional Training, and the continuing support of successful programs, such as Student Chapters, ChemClubs, Project SEED , and the Scholars Program is  evidence of a deep understanding and commitment to improve education.

Communicate chemistry’s value-through the Chemistry Ambassadors program; volunteers are working diligently to improve peoples’ perception of chemistry and its relevance to daily life. Through the Act4Chemsitry network, public policies, and Advocacy to Congress, ACS is leading the message for supporting science education and research. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that every ACS member joins these efforts to increase our visibility in Congress and in the general community.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility to guide and direct the Society in fulfilling its mission; to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people. How can I support the Board? During my thirty-five years as an ACS member, I have been a persevering dedicated volunteer, a very active local section leader and offered motivating empathetic support,  devoted to member’s needs. During my three years on the Board, I have served as a member of its committees on Professional and Members Relations (PMR), Public Affairs & Public Relations (PA&PR), and recently  on Grants & Awards (G&A). Prior to these, I also served as a member or chair of many other ACS committees. With the combination of my ACS experience and my thirty years as an educator, I have sharpened my organizational and leadership skills. With twenty-five years as a Faculty Advisor for an ACS student chapter I have been supporting and identifying opportunities to develop student members into a new cadre of future leaders and highly skilled chemistry professionals. As the founder of the “Festival de Química”, and my support  of the implementation of webinars in Spanish, I have been an international networking facilitator. Furthermore, as a representative of a minority group, my commitment is to work to identify the needs of all members regardless of their geographical location. ACS programs and activities have always been outstanding.  This is due to the dedication, enthusiasm and support from our members, something that I highly value, respect and appreciate.  Thank you!

Friends, I am committed to take on all challenges and to continue to work closely with the Board of Directors, new Executive Director-CEO, Committees, Local Sections, Divisions, and all members of our Society to find creative solutions and to bring progress to our profession during time of changes. I urge you to vote, and I would be honored by your support.  Please consider re-electing me as one of your Directors at Large.

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